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The Financial Times reports on the race to clean up shipping based on interviews with Star Bulk President Hamish Norton, University of Southampton's Dr Matthew Loxham, and James Corbett.

In the article,  published in May, Hamish Norton, President, Star Bulk, a member of the Clean Shipping Alliance 2020, offers insight into meeting the soon-to-enter-into-force Global Sulphur Cap.

Supporting his motion that scrubbers are the most environmentally-safe, most effective solutions for meeting the regulations is the University of Southampton's specialist in air pollution, Dr Matthew Loxham, who says that even burning low sulphur fuels will have health consequences as there will be a greater number of albeit smaller particles in the air.

A study led by James Corbett found that ship emissions have resulted in about 14 million cases of asthma in children and 400,000 premature deaths a year.

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